Area Attack

Certain weapons and effects, such as Grenades, Autofire weapons, or the Force Slam Power, target all creatures in a given Area instead of a single target.

When you make an Area Attack, you make a single Attack Roll; if your Attack Roll is equal to 10 or higher, compare the result to the Reflex Defense of every target in the Area. Creatures you Hit take full Damage, and creatures you miss take half Damage. A natural 20 on an Area Attack Roll automatically hits all targets within the affected Area, but Area Attacks do not deal double Damage on a Critical Hit.

Autofire Weapons
A weapon set on Autofire targets a 2-square by 2-square Area (see Autofire).

Burst Radius
Grenades and explosives usually have a Burst Radius. When you make an Area Attack with such a weapon, you must decide where to center the Burst before you make the Attack Roll. The center of a Burst is always the corner of a square (At the "Crosshairs").

Splash Weapons
Some weapons have a Splash Radius. When you make an Attack against a target, that target takes full Damage if your Attack Roll exceeds it's Reflex Defense, and half Damage if the Attack misses. Also, compare your Attack Roll against the Reflex Defense of every target adjacent to the primary target; these adjacent targets take half Damage if the Attack hits, or no Damage if the Attack misses.

A character with the Evasion talent takes half Damage from a successful Area Attack, and takes no Damage from an Area Effect that that misses their Reflex Defense.

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