Type: Exotic Weapon
Size: Large
Cost: 3,500 c
Wt: 5 kg
Availability: Rare

Bo-rifle (staff) (2d6/2d6; Energy)
Bo-rifle (rifle) (3d8; S; Energy; 30/60/150/300; stun. Accurate weapon takes no penalties for firing at targets at short range.)

The bo-rifle was a type of weapon used exclusively by the Honor Guard of Lasan; it was considered a great insult if it was used by anyone else. It was a unique combination of the functions of an electrostaff and a blaster rifle. It consists of a staff that could be collapsed to a length roughly equivalent to a standard blaster rifle. When extended, the weapon's tips are electrified up to 11,000 volts and tended to be either purple or yellow in color[5] and are the primary contact points of the weapon during combat. The weapon is then used in melee combat as a quarterstaff. When retracted, the weapon's blaster function is used and functions as a blaster rifle.

Following the devastation of Lasan, bo-rifles were rarely seen in the galaxy, although some would later fall into the hands of both the Alliance to Restore the Republic as well as the Galactic Empire.

AB-75 Bo-Rifle
CJ-9 Bo-Rifle
J-19 Bo-Rifle

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