C-9979 Landing Craft

Colossal landing craft
Init pilot's -10; Senses Perception pilot's + special equipment of vehicle

Defense Ref 10 + vehicle's Dex modifier + size modifier + armor bonus or pilots heroic level (flat-footed no Dex modifier), Fort 10 + vehicle Str modifier; +? armor
hp see similar ships; DR see similar ships; Threshold Fort Def + special size modifier

Speed fly 12 squares (max. velocity 587 km/h)
Ranged: weapon system +pilots BAB + vehicle's Int modifier + range modifier (see below)

Wingtip laser cannons (4) (2 fire-linked pairs, Fire arc: Front), Turret-mounted cannons (4) (2 fire-linked pairs, Turret)

Fighting Space ?x? or ? square (starship scale); Cover total (or based on vehicle design)
Base Atk pilot's; Grap BA + Str or Dex modifier + size modifier

Abilities Str 40, Dex 10, Con -, Int see similar ships
Skills Initiative crew skill + size modifier, Mechanics crew skill, Perception crew skill, Pilot crew skill + size modifier, Use Computer crew skill

Crew # based on similar vehicles (crew quality); Passengers # based on similar vehicles
Cargo # tons based on similar vehicles; Consumables based on similar vehicles; Carried Craft # based on similar vehicles
Hyperdrive: x# based on similar vehicles (backup x# based on similar vehicles), nav computer? based on similar vehicles
Availability # based on similar vehicles; Cost # credits (# used) # based on similar vehicles

Weapon type (gunner?)
Atk pilots BAB + vehicle's Int modifier + range modifier (see below), Dmg weapon type + 1/2 level


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