Ash, Spit - Characters


Dunwaw (male ithorian sith)

Bounty Hunters

Cassor Rand (male human bounty hunter)

Nar Shaddaa

Kurda the Hutt (female hutt crime boss)
Fixer (male ewok enforcer)
Feela (female twi'lek: Dianoga Bottoms Swoop Curcuit)
Zubat (male clawdite: Dianoga Bottoms Swoop Curcuit)
Mooryn (male gand: Dianoga Bottoms Swoop Curcuit)
Kryr (male weequay shuttle pilot for Vonium Lady Casino)
Zan (male falleen gambler)
Ki-Odo (male cerean gambler)
Nalashi (female cathar gambler)
Burgov (male herglics gambler)
Ryn Fallow (male human gambler)

Kandis (female human dancer)
Oova (female twi'lek dancer)

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