In the Star Wars universe, the Chiss are a humanoid species with pale blue skin, blue-black hair, and glowing red eyes.

Another notable Chiss was Sev'rance Tann, a Dark Acolyte serving Count Dooku and a general in the Armed Forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems (believed to have actually preceded General Grievous as Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies).[citation needed]


In the Expanded Universe, Csilla is identified as the homeworld of the Chiss. Csilla is a cold world of glaciers and snowy wastes located deep within Chiss Space, and serves as the capital of the Chiss Empire.

The Chiss are noted for their lack of droids, or any kind of artificial intelligence. Baron Soontir Fel attempted to change this during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, by introducing self-thinking spacecraft. Any progress on this is more or less unknown.

While their history has been marked by nearly continual warfare and conquest of other worlds, the Chiss are generally not personally violent: indeed, one of the major laws of their society (the breaking of which resulted in Thrawn's exile from their space) is that the Chiss cannot launch preemptive attacks, even against obvious aggressors.

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