Droid Traits

Star Wars Core Book p 187-188

As in previous editions of the game, all droids share common traits that define how they differ from living characters. Droid traits are similar to species traits, an intentional design choice that makes it easier to envision a droid hero. In essence, "droid" becomes the character's species, just as "Mon Calamari" or "Zabrak" are species choices.

All droids share the following droid traits.

Abilities Droids are nonliving entities, so they don't have Constitution scores. Droids can increase any two of their five remaining ability scores by +1 each at 4th level and every four levels thereafter, just like any other character. These increases represent improved heuristics and algorithms that the droid has developed from experience, as well as upgrades to its components as part of routine maintenance. Droid ability modifiers are determined by their degree and size. A droid can never have an ability score less than 1, regardless of modifications.

Automatic Languages Droids know Binary plus one language chosen by the designer (usually Basic).

Behavioral Inhibitors Droids (except 4th-degree droids) cannot intentionally harm a sentient living being or knowingly allow a sentient living being to be harmed. Droids must follow orders given to them by their rightful owners, as long as those orders don't require the droid to harm a sentient living being. Droids with heuristic processors can sometimes violate these restrictions by creatively interpreting their behavioral inhibitions.

The Force One major change to the droid rules is that droids can now gain Force Points and take advantage of the new Destiny mechanic. Though droids can't become Force Sensitive, they make use of Force Points in the same way that other characters do. This change encourages droid heroes to take the same chances — and attempt the same heroic actions — as the droid duo from the Star Wars films.

Ion Damage Vulnerability As electronic constructs, droids are vulnerable to damage from ion weapons. Generally, ion weapons have the same effect on droids that stun weapons have on living beings.

Maintenance Droids don't sleep, eat, or breathe. However, after 100 hours of operation, they must enter shutdown mode and recharge for 1 hour. If a droid fails to do so, it must make a successful Endurance check each hour (DC 10, +1 per each hour after the first) or move

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