Ability Modifiers Dex +2, Int +2, Con -2
Size Medium
Speed 6
Expert Pilot May reroll Pilot checks but must keep the new roll.
Automatic Languages Basic, Durese.

The Duros were a humanoid species native to Duro, a planet located in the Duro sector of the galaxy's Core Worlds. They had smooth blue-green skin, red eyes, lipless mouths and long thin noseless faces with green blood.

Duros are hairless beings with blue skin and large red eyes and are said to be among the first spacefaring humanoid species. They are known for their superior astronavigational skills. Their homeworld is Duro which is in the galactic core.

The Duros haven't set foot on their world since the Empire polluted it with weapons factories. Instead they live in large orbital cities surrounding the planet.

Duros are related to the Neimoidians, the aliens in charge of the Trade Federation in the prequel films, because many years before the Republic, the Duros colonized the planet Neimoidia, and thus the Neimoidians, a newer "version" of Duros, were born. Ironically the two relatives differed in personalities: Duros were normally seen as adventurous while Neimoidians were mostly skittish. The Duros consider the Neimoidians to be cowardly and take offense at being mistaken by other beings for a Neimoidian.

Duros are also known for their great story-telling skills because of the many places that they have visited during their travels throughout the galaxy.

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