Frag grenade1 (200c; 4d6, 2-square burst; S; 0.5 kg; Slashing; 6/8/10/12; Military)
Stun grenade1 (250c; 4d6, stun, 2-square burst; S; 0.5 kg; Energy; 6/8/10/12; Restricted)
Gas grenade1 (250c; Spec, 2-square burst; S; 0.5 kg; Chemical; 6/8/10/12; Restricted)
Bacta grenade1 (1000c; n/a, heals 2d4, 2-square burst, 0.5 kg; Chemical; 6/8/10/12; Restricted)

1 Area attack weapon (see Area Attack, page 155).

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