Carnival Week Carnival Week was an annual week-long celebration on Coruscant. It is unknown when the tradition began, but during the reign of Palpatine it grew to become an outlandish event that included military parades, orbital fireworks displays and public executions of the Emperor's political enemies. The celebration drew an exceptional number of offworlders to Coruscant and was an event Imperial citizens saved their credits for all year.
Empire Day Empire Day was the day that Emperor Palpatine declared himself Emperor of the First Galactic Empire, bringing an end to the Republic. From the following year on, Empire Day became a holiday marking the anniversary of the rise of the Empire. Festivities of the holiday included a parade on various Imperial-controlled planets, the playing of the Imperial anthem, "Glory of the Empire", as well as the airing of a portrait of the speech made by Emperor Palpatine that formed the Galactic Empire. Attendance to the festivities was mandatory.
Festival of Light The Festival of Light was a Naboo tradition, which celebrated the anniversary of the planet Naboo joining the Galactic Republic. The eight hundred and forty-seventh Festival of Light was held during the Clone Wars, when a group of bounty hunters hired by Count Dooku attempted to kidnap Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.
Vor-cal Feast The Vor-cal was an annual safari hunt attended by each house of the Tapani sector as well as other prominent institutions. Each year a different house sponsored the Vor-cal and hosted the pre-hunt festivities onboard their orbital hunting lodge. The night before the Vor-cal a grand feast was held by the hosting house whose representative opens with a speech that introduces the participant and announces the target prey for that year. When House Melantha hosted the event prior to the Battle of Endor the target prey was the Rodian Karstag.
Vor-cal Feast The Vor-cal Feast was held before the day of the Vor-cal annual hunting safari.
Life Day Life Day was a Wookiee holiday celebrated by the inhabitants of Kashyyyk every three years. It was a celebration of the planet's diverse ecosystem and the many forms of life it encompassed. It also was a time to remember family members who had died, and the young ones who continued to bring new life to a family. Life Day was a sacred holiday, and many Wookiees considered it their duty to return to Kashyyyk in order to celebrate it. Life Day was held once every three local years for many generations, but during the Galactic Civil War, its importance to the Wookiees became more pronounced. Wookiees were spread across the galaxy, either because they had been enslaved by the Galactic Empire or for personal reasons, and they began celebrating Life Day each year as a way to remain in touch with their history. Over time, the holiday found its way into various other cultures. "Life day" was also used as a term to describe the anniversary of one's birth.
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