Ability Modifiers None
Size Medium
Speed 6
Bonus Trained Skill Extra trained skill.
Bonus Feat Extra feat.
Automatic Languages Basic.

Humans are a species in the fictional Star Wars universe. They are the most numerous and dominant species, with apparently millions of major and minor colonies galaxywide.

By the time hyperdrive was invented, humans were already present on a few scattered worlds throughout the galaxy; according to the New Essential Chronology, the humans of Coruscant managed to send out a number of 'sleeper ships' between the fall of the Rakatan Infinite Empire and the invention of the hyperdrive. Star Wars humans are mostly biologically identical to real-life humans.

The presence of ordinary humans in the story is important dramatically and the first movie establishes their vulnerability and weakness. Luke Skywalker's introduction early in the first movie was rewritten to establish this.

As the series moved to the use of CGI, the digital representation of humans provided a challenge, since authentic simulation of humans is more difficult than for unknown aliens.

The human homeworld is generally believed to be Coruscant. However, there is actually no real consensus on the issue; the ancient human home world has simply been lost to history.

Humans live on many different worlds throughout the galaxy, with many populations living alongside other extraterrestrials on other worlds, or together with several other species—something which is most common either on the cosmopolitan worlds at the core, or on the frontier at the Outer Rim of the galaxy, such as on Tatooine.

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