Jared Thane (CL 14)

Medium Human Jedi 7/Jedi Knight 7
Destiny Points 3; Force 6; Dark Side 0
Init +16; Senses Low-light vision1; Perception +10
Languages Basic, Ewokese, Huttese, Jawa Trade

Defenses Ref 30 (flat-footed 26), Fort 28, Will 29
hp 188; Threshold 28

Speed 6 squares
Melee lightsaber +18 (2d8+9) and lightsaber +18 (2d8+9) or
Melee unarmed strike +18 (1d4+9) and unarmed strike +18 (1d4+9) or
Melee Toy Yum Nah (vibroblade) +18 (2d6+9) and
Ranged blaster pistol +18 (3d6+7; stun; 20/40/60/80)
Fighting Space 1 square; Reach 1 square
Base Atk +14; Grp +16
Force Powers Battle Strike x2, Cloak, Farseeing, Force Disarm, Force Slam, Mind Trick, Negate Energy, Move Object, Rebuke, Surge x2
Force Techniques Force Power Mastery (Battle Strike), Improved Cloak, Improved Sense Force

Abilities Str 14, Dex 19, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 18
Talents Beast Trick, Block, Damage Reduction 10, Deflect, Disciplined Strike, Force Focus, Force Perception, Telepathic Link
Feats Dual Weapon Mastery (I, II, & III), Force Sensitivity, Force Training x3, Strong in the Force, Weapon Proficiency (advanced melee weapons, lightsabers, pistols, simple weapons)
Skills Acrobatics +11u, Athletics +9u, Deception +11u, Endurance +9u, Gather Information +16, Initiative +16, Knowledge +10u, Mechanics +15, Perception +10u, Persuasion +16, Pilot +16, Ride +11u, Stealth +11u, Survival +10u, Treat Injury +10u, Use Computers +10u, Use the Force +16
Possessions Utility belt, comlink (short-range, audio, earbud, remote activation controller), liquid cable dispenser (15 meters), medpac x2, glow rod, tool kit (1 kg), all-temperature cloak, energy cell, mesh tape, ubese helment (helmet package1), datapad (standard); 8,552c.
Vehicles -
Droids DC-T4 (modified 2-1B medical droid)

Jared Thane was a studious youngling and a devoted padawan. He was polite, considerate, obedient, and strong with the force. In fact, Jared took the dispassion of the Jedi to a level that frustrated his instructors. He seemed to lack any desire for conflict, any drive for independence, or any need to prove himself, even after seeing most of his peers recruited to hone their skills on the frontlines of the new war.

When he was fifteen, a year into the Clone War, he was assigned by Master Yoda to Zala Daawa, a togruta Jedi Master who had been tasked to guide many acquiescent Jedi students.

While Master Daawa was able to motivate Jared by appealing to his compassion and his sense of duty, Zala himself was disillusioned by the role of the Jedi in the war. He rarely spoke of it, but Jared knew his master's mind well.

It was during the Second Battle of Devaron that Jedi Master Pong Krell lead his army to retake the planet from Separatist forces at the cost of thousands of troops and Master Daawa left the war.

Jared convinced Admiral Rueth, their partner on the Overcomer, that his master had received a top secret mission from the Jedi council and as Republic forces awaited reinforcements and prepared to take Foless, Jared's drive was unlocked by desperation. He had a vision of the future and his master on Kiros dying at the hands of General Grievous.

Unfortunately, his starfighter had been badly damaged, his master had taken the transport they shared, and he couldn't commission a new ship to search for his master without raising the suspicions of the admiral.

Fortunately, he was able to slip off with a Prowler seeker droid he'd salvaged from the battlefield and rebuilt—named X1 and make his way to the starport Plaeree where he planned to book passage.

With no access to credits, Jared used the force to turn a gold medallion he'd been given on Tython into a few hundred credits in a high stakes game of sabacc. But one of his opponents, a beautiful smuggler named Dyna Wildstar, still managed to win the pot out from under him.


When a devaronian across the table yelled "Cheat!" and yanked out his blaster, both Jared and Dyna reacted—Dyna by shooting the gun from his hand and Jared by overturning the table.

In the ensuing chaos, Jared told Dyna that she owed him for saving her life and cheating him out of his credits. She didn't agree, so he offered the medallion he'd salvaged from the fight.

The Flaming Fist was a YT- 2660 crewed by the Wildstars—Dyna, her brother Landon, and her sister Jade from Taris, and their twi'lek mechanic Chacpeke.

Dyna agreed to take Jared to Kiros, but said the medallion wasn't enough to cover the trip. The Wildstars had been planning a big job for the future, utilizing Gema's contacts and Landon's knowledge of ancient cultures to pinpoint a lost cache from days of the Old Republic. And while they were planning this job from a few years down the road when they could afford specialized equipment, a Jedi made it possible now.

They used Landon's ancient star chart and Chacpeke's advanced navi-computer to locate the lost moon of Rhee-Shin. The moon itself was populated by savage, winged natives who feared the stockpile's location due to a massacre a century ago. It was now only guarded by two dozen remaining erratic and malfunctioning sentinel droid who'd formed their own monarchy after being undisturbed for at least a thousand years and systematically assassinating each other.

After a difficult battle, the ancient hoard was won, but with the Sentinal droids gone, the locals quickly swept in. The Flaming Fist was torn apart, but among the cache was a Defender-class light corvette, which got them to safety with their riches overflowing its cargo holds.

On the pristine world of Kiros, Jared and his new friends parted ways. He found a settlement of passivist tagruta and his master among them. Though some had opposed allowing the Jedi to live among them, the majority had agreed, and now those who had opposed him were his brethren.

Jared told Master Daawa about his vision and tried to convince him to return, but Daawa was unmoved. Daawa asked Jared, if he felt so strongly about the need for Jedi to be in this war, then why had he left to come and find him? Jared told him that he didn't come to bring him back to the war, but to save him from Grievous. This wasn't about war, it was about friendship and love. Daawa warned him about forming attachments, but Jared expressed that love could be felt and expressed without attachment—speaking from his experience and ability to leave Dyna, who he had felt an intense stirring.

Master Daawa saw that by leaving Jared behind he'd not just taken from his apprentice, but from the Jedi Order, by removing a piece of the collective—specifically a voice against the war.

The two returned to the fleet just in time to aid Admiral Rueth in taking Foless.

Over the following two years, Master Daawa became one of the strongest voices within the order against the Jedi involvement in the war, though he and his padawan continued to fight at the direction of the council.

On a diplomatic mission in the final week of the Clone War, Jared traveled to Cadinth ahead of his master to meet with his friend Zam of the Cadinth Oligarchy to try and convince them to allow the Republic to build an observation post. While Zam entertained his friend at a luxurious casino, Jared spotted a familiar face at a sabacc table—Dyna Wildstar.

The two spent the evening getting reacquainted and talking about the life they could have had if not for the war and the Jedi Order and the vague debt she owed to the hutts. The two gave in to their desires under the romantic view of Cadinth's moon over the mountains at twilight.


Jared woke from a horrific nightmare where he saw Master Dawaa shot down on the bridge of the Overcomer. He had to get back to the fleet, but as Dyna lead him to the Burning Heart, meeting X-1 along the way. The half-dozen clone troopers who had come as his guards had tracked him down and attacked.

Jared jumped from a bridge to draw the clones away from Dyna and borrowed a fighter from his friend Zam to get off the planet. But as he escaped, the Overcomer arrived. His ship took heavy fire but managed to enter hyperspace. With the damage to the drive, though, Jared couldn't exit hyperspace until he rammed his lightsaber through the inter-level conduits. This ejected his fighter from hyperspace and sent him careening through the atmosphere of a gas giant to crash on its forested moon.

Jared survived the crash, but his ship didn't. He lived in the depths of a lush forest alone for a few months before being attacked by a fierce indigenous warrior—Ub-bub the Boar-Wolf. Ub-bub was a hunter, wanderer, and a great warrior and after defeating Jared, found him to be worthy of life. He brought Jared to his village in the trees where it was decided that he would not be eaten.

Jared lived among the ewoks for seven years and taught them how to design a system for running water and how to use pullies to move objects more easily. He made numerous friends among them, but chiefly with Ub-bub and their shaman Mah-quay. He also befriended the yuzzum trader Rum Jozah and helped establish peace with the neighboring duloks (which Ub-bub didn't like).

One day a jawa named Wass, escaping from slavery, crashlanded on Endor and offered Jared a way pack to civilization. After repairing his ship, Wass and Jared made their way to Onderon where they joined the ex-stormtrooper Roan Drexl and the tagruta hunter Sakuru'Te, and discovered a jedi master in suspended animation on the Dxun moon with the Jedi training droid DC-T4.

After many adventures trying to track down lost Jedi and rescue force-sensitive children from the Empire, Jared was contacted by an old friend named Ametrine on Taris. She had discovered a force-sensitive teen in need of help.

Jared arrived just as Imperial Inquisitors did searching for the same teen. But he found more than a student. Dyna Wildstar was on Taris, running a casino called the Twilight Moon. And with her was Jared's son, Felix.

Evading the Inquisitors, Jared began to train the half-chiss Mace along with Dyna's niece Jael Wildstar in the ways of the Jedi. He soon added the young nautolan Mex Prudo and had to relocate to escape the notice of the Empire.

Now back on Endor, Jared teaches his students as best he can, trying to return to the pure teachings and ethics of the Jedi and away from the tenants of the Clone Wars. But he knows it's only a matter of time before the Empire catches up to them. They need to be ready.

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