Jared Thane - Future Force Powers

Farseeing N/A Full-Round Action You use The Force to detect an individual over a long distance.
Negate Energy N/A Reaction You dissipate an energy attack.
Vital Transfer Light Side Standard Action You heal another through The Force.
Energy Resistance N/A Standard Action You use The Force to protect you from damage caused by energy, sonic, fire, cold, and electrical sources.
Valor Light Side Standard Action You call upon the strength of The Force, reaching out to your ally and sharing your strength with them.
Cloak N/A Standard Action You bend light around your body, rendering yourself invisible to anyone looking in your direction.
Malacia Light Side Standard Action You create dizziness and nausea by disrupting your target's equilibrium.
Technometry N/A Standard Action You can tap into and read technological devices and, in some cases, control them.
Ballistakinesis Telekinetic Standard Action You use The Force to spray an area with dangerous debris.
Enlighten Light Side, Mind-Affecting Swift Action You reach out to an ally telepathically, sharing visions of the near future to give the ally an edge or to protect the ally from harm.
Obscure Mind-Affecting Reaction You use The Force to cloud an enemy's mind, making it harder for the enemy to see it's target.
Prescience N/A Swift Action The Force grants you a flash of insight in dealing with your enemies.
Drain Energy N/A Standard Action You can draw the energy out of a powered object, such as a blaster's Power Pack or a Power Generator.
Inertia N/A Move Action You can use The Force to shift your body's inertia, allowing you to perform impossible stunts.
Inspire Light Side Swift Action You fill your allies with hope and courage, allowing them to face even the most daunting of odds.

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