Grand Moff Tolruck Lozen Tolruck is the governor of Kashyyyk and the suddounding sector.


Freedom fighter camp
Tandoshan hunters camp

Ashmead's Lock Former starship, current prison.

Kashyyyk oil refinery The Kashyyyk oil refinery was a structure near the city of Kachirho on the planet Kashyyyk. During the Battle of Kashyyyk, Separatist forces attempted to destroy the refinery, aiming to cut off the Wookiees' fuel supply.

Kachirho Kachirho is a coastal Wookiee settlement located in the Wawaatt Archipelago of Kashyyyk. It is made up of several inhabited wroshyr trees, including Tree Kachirho and Tree Vikkilynn. Two piers and docks extend out from the city into the freshwater lagoon. During the Clone Wars it was led by the chieftain Tarfful. Near the end of the Clone Wars, Kachirho was the site of the Battle of Kashyyyk.

Imperial Work Settlements These slave camps are numbered.

Black Forest
Garden Preserve
Lozen Tolruck's island fortress


Arrawtha-dyr The arrawtha-dyr is a creature native to the planet Kashyyyk, notable for its many-pronged antlers.

Can-cells Can-cell are a species of blue and red, green-eyed flying insect found of a number of planets across the galaxy, including Kashyyyk, Aleen, Ryloth, Rodia, Taul, and Teth. The Wookiees of Kashyyyk believed seeing a can-cell brings good luck. Can-cell are attracted to the buzzing sound made by Oevvaor jet catamarans and congregate at landing pads where these vehicles can be found.

Oevvaor The oevvaor is a predatory marine reptile that lives on the shores of Kashyyyk. The males of the species possess an axe-like horn on their heads. The Wookiees named one of their military vehicles, the Oevvaor jet catamaran, after this beast.

Terentatek (young) Terentateks are giant, dreadful beasts that lived on the arboreal planet of Kashyyyk. Terentatek feed off the blood of Force-sensitives, and inhabited caves and tombs strong with the dark side of the Force.

Wroshyr louse Wroshyr lice are insects found in the wroshyr trees of Kashyyyk. The native Wookiees process them in distilleries to make wroshyr lice syrup.


Raddaugh Gnasp fluttercraft The Raddaugh Gnasp fluttercraft was a well-known Wookiee vehicle manufactured by Appazanna Engineering Works. The fluttercraft were used by Wookiee soldiers during the Clone Wars, and saw action during the Battle of Kashyyyk. The fluttercraft was named after the predatory insects known as gnasps, which were native to the Wookiee colony moon of Alaris Prime. It was a compact twin-seated scout craft used to patrol the dangerous lower levels of the jungles of Kashyyyk, as well as for rescue missions. The vehicle had no armor and relied on speed and agility to avoid enemy fire, though it was fitted with a rear-mounted laser cannon operated by the vehicle's gunner.

Oevvaor jet catamaran The Oevvaor jet catamaran was a dual-purpose airspeeder that saw heavy use in the Battle of Kashyyyk. The catamaran was named for the oevvaor, a predatory marine reptile that prowled the coasts of Kashyyyk. The hulls of the craft were very tough, as they were handcrafted from the wood of wroshyr trees. The craft was also extremely quick and agile. They were powered by a compact twin repulsorlift, that provided lift for atmospheric flight, while also helping to decrease the overall mass of the catamaran, and a pair of podracer-style engines provided the forward thrust. Finally, a pair of rudders located at the end of each hull provided steering in both the air and the water.

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