Kyuzo Battle Helmet

Kyuzo warriors traditionally wear wide-brimmed war helmets that also served as shields or as thrown missiles and were originally designed as a headpiece by the inhabitants of the Kwaidan Peaks to protect travelers from torrential rains during monsoon season in southern Phatrong. They have since been adapted for use by Kyuzo bounty hunters, soldiers, and police throughout the galaxy, making it one of the most iconic symbols of the Kyuzo. Although the Kyuzo Battle Helmet is considered an Exotic Weapon (Melee), Kyuzo treat it as a Simple Weapon (Melee) for the sake of proficiency and prerequisites.

Weapon Type: Exotic Weapons (Melee)
Size: Medium
Cost: 200
Damage: 2d4
Weight: 4 Kilograms
Type: Bludgeoning
Availability: Rare
Special: When Fighting Defensively, a wielder of a Kyuzo Battle Helmet receives an additional +2 bonus to their Reflex Defense (This is in addition to the standard +2 bonus from Fighting Defensively)
Special: Can be Thrown

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