Ability Modifiers Con +2, Int -2, Wis -2
Size Medium
Speed 6; Swim 4
Breath Underwater Can't drown in water.
Expert Swimmer Can reroll Swim checks but must take the result of the new roll. Can take 10 on Swim checks under duress.
Low-Light Vision Ignore concealment (but not total concealment) from darkness.
Natural Damage Reduction DR 2.
Pheromone Sensor Reroll Perception checks to sense deception and influence, but must accept the new roll.
Automatic Languages Basic, Nautila.

Nautolans are amphibious humanoids with mottled green skin, a cartilage-reinforced skeleton, and shark-like eyes. Instead of hair, a Nautolan sports a crown of long green tendrils, 14 to be exact (used to discern the feelings and moods of those around them. These appendages are almost useless out of water unless, like Kit Fisto, said Nautolan is used to environmental change).

Their homeworld is Glee Anselm, a planet of vast swamps, lakes, and seas located in the Mid Rim.

Nautolans reflect the moods of those around them. When confronted by anger and violence, they respond in kind. When approached in a calm, civilized manner, they seem helpful and polite.

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