R2-D5 Unit

R2-D5 was a multiple use R2 unit, generally an astromech droid but good as a labor droid, used by the Rebel Alliance. Its versatility made it an essential part of almost all technical aspects, from gathering resources like extracting and processing carbon, to repairing and building structures.

Regular model
Same basic design as any other R2 astromech droid model.

Carbon Collector model
Similar in design to the other R2-series astromech droid models, but possesses a container for storing extracted carbon at its rear. Frequently used to mine and deliver carbon crystals for processing.

Nova Carrier/Ore Collector model
The legs are extended outward to allow for a carrier at the front, used to carry extracted nova crystals and various ores.

Fisher model
The head contains a large mechanical arm for dropping a net into a body of water and then reeling up any maritime lifeforms that the net ensnares.

Builder/repairer model
A R2-D5 Builder/Repairer
The R2 model has several equipment revealed that were in use for construction and or repair work.

Farmer model
The R2 model has a sprinkler on top of its head facing forward, to water agricultural plants for use for the Rebel Alliance as food supplies.

Hunter model
The R2 model has a container attached to it similar to the carbon collector model, but it instead is used to store killed animals. It also has a weapon attached that kills any prey it finds.

Herder model
The R2 model has several arms in front of it to sway various fauna into following it.

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