Rebel Scum (Mission 4)


Jeth Nova
Mex Prudo
Ardo Brema


The Wraith





Snowtrooper x12
Artctic Scout Trooper x4
KX series Security Droid x1
TIE Striker x6
AT-ST x2
Imperial Speeder Bike x4


Arhul Nemo and the Commenor Underground have started a riot at Commenor University. A dozen students were killed by Riot Troopers.

Claus Dodonna, professor of history at Commenor University and nephew of Gen. Dodonna, captured by Myra under suspicion of treason in dealing with the Commenor Underground. Myra plans to use him to persuade the General to divulge secrets.

Clara and her friends located Myra at the Senate Building in Commenor City escorting Claus Dodonna. They are prepairing for departure to the Mutilator.

The Mutilator


Commander Loath (Ambiscious scientist and security officer with ISB in command of the ship. Charged with routing out the rebellion.)
Captain Roth (Loyal Imperial officer and old friend of Gen. Dodonna)
Lt. Lyra Tarkin
General Jezrus (Cruel Imperial general)
Major Corvo (Morbidly humorous commander of the stormtrooper 111th brigade)
Captain Braigon (Bright and content commander of AT-AT division)
Major Asher (Quiet and highly skilled sniper and assassin)
Lt. Vyn Sarvac (quiet and unhappy, but paid well as a special forces leader)

Hearing word that his brother was dying on his home planet of Commenor, Gen. Dodonna took a secret trip home. He is a former Imperial officer who became one of the first captains of a Star Destroyer.

His brother is dying, but the Empire was waiting and captured Garven Dreis and Leez Twinstar or Red Squadron who went as bodyguards.

Commenor - trading outpost and spaceport, Commenor was considered as prestigious as the Core planets. It was known for its chrysopaz gemstones and local brandy.

Word of General Dodonna's death. Rebel General Jan Dodonna and his convoy were attacked and every one was killed.

Hack Imperial communications tower on remote ice planet of Meegal. Use a zip-line, wear a cold-suit.


Droid sled

Outrun speeders

Gen. Dodanna from the Mutilator is not dead. Captured.

Work with Cassian Andor to infiltrate the Mutilator and rescue Gen Dodanna.

New Imperial officer pushes his weight around

Toha Sheera among the dead. Ryn among the captives.

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