The Sith Remnant

After the fall of Darth Wyyrlok, a new Sith Order rises to power, gathering the survivors of the last.

While the growing Sith Order has both an army and navy, they have only recently been discovered by the Republic.

The are led by the Council to Darkness; Darth Morbith, Darth Raida, Darth Kaydus, Darth Shreema, Darth Nyn, and Darth Wurmtane.

The new sith order has no limit on the number of sith involved. The Council to Darkness is the power behind the Sith Remnant. The next tier are the Red Sith, powerful dark-siders who dye their flash red and tattoo themselves in black.

The Red Sith
The Council to Darkness
Sith Assassins
Sith Sorcerers
Sith Troopers

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