Sith (Species)

The Sith (also referred to as Red Sith during the time of the Old Sith Empire and Sith Purebloods during the time of the resurgent Sith Empire) were the native species of the planet Korriban. They had red skin and tentacle 'beards', and had a natural talent for mastering the Force as well as their magic and alchemy. Naturally cruel and manipulative, the Sith spread throughout the outer rim in the early days of the Old Republic, eventually centering their empire on Korriban. Some time after the Great Schism several refugee Dark Jedi settled on the planet. Amazing the Sith with their mastery of the Force, the fallen Jedi soon elevated themselves to god-like status, becoming the rulers of the Sith. As the centuries passed, interbreeding occurred between the human Dark Jedi and the Sith, creating a half-species with an enormous talent for manipulating the Force. This species, which were also called Sith, had red skin like the original Sith. A prominent member of this half-species was the Sith Lord Marka Ragnos.

The name 'Sith' was adopted by their Dark Jedi rulers, and has later been used by numerous fallen Jedi organizations.

The extinct race Sith was the mortal enemy of the extinct race Jedi and according to the codex both races drove each other to extinction, but not before spawning groups that copied and continued their ideals(the new 'Sith' and the 'Jedi Knights'). Naga Sadow was another pureblooded sith. His apprentice Freedon Nadd was Human.

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