The Albor Skulldo
Beers & Ales Credits/Mug Culture Description
Corellian ale 4 Corellian Corellian ale was a type of ale from Corellia. It had a sweet flavor and medium weight body. It was possibly the most common alcholic beverage in the galaxy.
Corellian spiced ale 5 Corellian
Lum 6 Corellian Lum, also known as lum ale, was a foaming, alcoholic liquor and was considered a strong ale. It was popular in the Corellian sector, where it was the primary ingredient in drinking competitions termed "lumguzzling." While an individual felt the common effects of alcohol when drinking lum, it was impossible to overdose on it. When drunk in smaller quantities, the drink was said to taste sweeter and also slightly soapy, though not to an unpleasant degree.
Brandies Credits/Glass Culture Description
Alderaanian brandy 5 Alderaanian Alderaanian brandy was an alcoholic beverage from Alderaan.
Corellian brandy 12 Corellian Corellian brandy was a high-end liquor which was deep golden-brown in color.
Corellian Reserve 20 Corellian Corellian Reserve was a rare, expensive Corellian brandy. It had a golden color.
Wine Credits/Glass Culture Description
Chimbak wine 12 (60/bottle) Alderaanian Chimbak wine was a thick, red wine from Alderaan.
Spirits Credits/Shot Culture Description
Corellian rum 2 (20/bottle) Corellian Corellian rum was a variety of alcoholic beverage from the planet Corellia.
Mad Mrelf 10 (100/bottle) Corellian Mad Mrelf was a Corellian liquor renowned for its potency. Reportedly, it was strong enough that many spacers who had imbibed the liquor awoke in Imperial labor camps or other unpleasant places after a drinking spree.
Whyren's Reserve, batch NN182 100 (1,000/bottle) Corellian NN182 was an extremely rare and expensive batch of Whyren's Reserve Corellian whiskey. Han Solo estimated that a case of this batch was equivalent to, if not more valuable than, the Millennium Falcon.
Mixed Drinks Credits/Glass Culture Description
Angry Wookiee 6
L'lahsh 6 Alderaanian L'lahsh was a mixed drink from Alderaan.
Twistler 6 Corellian A twistler was a drink made with Corellian brandy and a tart fruit extract.
Non-Alcoholic Beverages Credits/Glass Culture Description
Mistwater 10 Tapanian Mistwater was an ultra pure water collected from the condensation of clouds over the planet Barnaba in the Tapani sector. During the Imperial Era it demanded a high price throughout the Tapani sector.
Smoothie 5 Alderaanian Smoothies were drinks on Alderaan.
Traladon milk 1 Traladon milk was popular for adding to vine-coffeine, and traladon cheese was a great appetizer.
Water 0 (1/bottle) Water.
Coffee & Tea Credits/Mug Culture Description
Coffee 2 Coffee (aka coffeine) was a non-alcoholic beverage that was most often served extremely hot and made from a specific type of bean. Coffee could be prepared and dispensed from a coffee machine, and was usually served in a coffee cup.
Vine Coffee 5 Vine-coffee was a variety of coffee notoriously hard to grow. On Belsavis, the vine-coffee plant was grown on adjustable platforms built under the artificial dome of a volcanic rift valley - a plan conceived by Jedi Master Plett. Like regular coffee, it could be prepared and dispensed from a coffee machine, and was usually served in a coffee cup. It also had a much richer and stronger taste compared to a high quality coffee.
Tea 1 Tea was a kind of non-alcoholic beverage that was notably consumed by the peoples of Alderaan and Mandalore. There existed many types of tea. While some varieties of tea were consumed hot, others were served cold.
Alderaanian tea 1
Ardees Beverage tea 1 A cold tea.
Mandalorean tea 1
Moogan tea 1 A fizzy, cold tea.
Tarine tea 1 Tarine tea was served on planets as diverse as Lothal and Christophsis.
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