Ability Modifiers Dex +2, Con -2
Size Medium
Speed 6
Darkvision Ignore concealment (including total concealment) from darkness. They cannot see colors in the dark.
Expert Climber Can take 10 on Climb checks.
Heightened Awareness May reroll Perception checks but must keep the new roll.
Automatic Languages Basic, Sullustese.

A Sullustan is a native of the Sullust system. They are short, mouse-eared humanoids with large eyes and mouth-folds, known primarily as merchants and engineers.

The Sullustans live in vast caves on the planet Sullust. Most Sullustans work for the Sorusuub Corporation. The majority of those that have found their way off-world work as starship crew. They have a reputation for excellence and intuition for piloting, which has mostly been earned through simple hard work, although as a race they possess perfect direction sense and memory thanks to spending their lives inside the pitch black caves and tunnels that run through Sullust. This allows them to remember any paths they have traveled, or maps they have seen, making them excellent navigators.

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