Terentatek (Young) (CL 7)

Large dark side beast 7
Init +8; Senses low-light vision; Perception +3

Defenses Ref 13 (flat-footed 13), Fort 17, Will 10
hp 81; fast healing 5; Threshold 22
Immune Nullify Force

Speed 6 sq
Melee 2 claws +9* each (1d6+11) and
Melee bite +9* (1d8+11) and
Fighting Space 2x2; Reach 2 squares
Base Atk +5; Grp +16
Atk Options Bantha Rush (1 sq), Cleave, Power Attack

Abilities Str 22, Dex 11, Con 25, Int 2, Wis 10, Cha 13
Feats Bantha Rush, Cleave, Power Attack
Skills Initiative +8

Fast Healing 5 A Terentatek automatically heals 5 hp every round at the end of its turn, until dead.
Nullify Force 6 sq radius; The Terentatek absorbs and feeds off of the Force, and as such, using the Force near it is futile. Characters and creatures cannot employ Force powers, Force techniques, or Force secrets within a Terentatek's Nullify Force radius, nor can they make a Use the Force check of any kind. Force powers activated outside the radius cannot penetrate it, and they cease to function if the user of the ability moves into the radius. This ability is automatic; the Terentatek cannot control it or turn it off. Force-users affected by the Terentatek's Nullify Force ability are immediately aware of it, and thought they might not understand the source of the interference, they immediately recognize thata attempts at using the Force are entirely futile.

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