Ability Modifiers Str +2, Dex -2
Size Medium
Speed 6
Darkvision Ignore concealment (including total concealment) from darkness. They cannot see colors in the dark.
Limb Regeneration Regrow lost limbs in 1d10 days. Once regrown, all persistent conditions associated with the lost limb are removed.
Natural Armor Bonus +1 Reflex Defense. Stacks with other armor.
Bonus Feat Toughness.
Automatic Languages Basic, Dosh.

Trandoshan are large, carnivorous, reptilian humanoids from the planet Trandosha (or Dosha), they have supersensitive eyes that can see into the infrared range and the ability to regenerate lost limbs. They also shed their skin. The Trandoshans are a warlike species who allied early with the Empire and the Confederacy during the Clone Wars, taking Wookiees as slaves. They are the natural enemies of Wookiees, and both Wookiees and Trandoshans keep each other's dried skins and pelts as prizes.

As of the original Star Wars races book, their world of origin (Trandoshan or Dosha) occupies the same stellar system as Kashyyyk (the Wookiee homeworld), and it is this proximity that is the source of much of their enmity for the Wookiee race. Unconfirmed speculation suggests that the short-lived Trandoshani overcame their natural limitations as tool users and their harsh homeworld environment to achieve limited space flight on their own, only to discover that the only other inhabited world in their system was a lush, verdant, prey-rich paradise filled with long-lived and technologically unsophisticated savages, and that they've never quite gotten over their pique.

Trandoshan religion consists mainly of trying to score enough Jagannath points (The name appears to derive from Jagannath, a deity from Vaishnavism[citation needed]), earned through bounty-hunting or slavery-based kills, to appease the main goddess, or Scorekeeper. Thus, many Trandoshans are bounty hunters or slavers, operating both inside and outside the boundaries of the law. They take particular pleasure in skinning Wookiees for their pelts.

A notable Trandoshan is Bossk, who had a cameo role in the movies and is a longtime enemy of both Han Solo and Chewbacca the Wookiee.

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