Ability Modifiers Cha +2, Wis -2
Size Medium
Speed 6
Deceptive Reroll Deception checks but keep the new roll.
Great Fortitude +2 species bonus to Fortitude Defense.
Low-Light Vision Ignore concealment (but not total concealment) from darkness.
Automatic Languages Basic, Ryl.

Twi'leks are humanoids easily distinguished by the twin tenticular appendages that protrude from the back of the head. These prehensile appendages, known as "head-tails", "lekku" or "tchun-tchin," are advanced organs used for communication and cognitive functions (similar to those of Togrutas). The Twi'lek's name means Twin Lekku. Like humans, Twi'leks vary greatly in appearance and have a wide variety of skin colors including shades of white, blue, green and red. Twi'leks stand between 1.6 and 2.1 meters tall.

Twi'leks speak Twi'leki, a language that combines verbal components with subtle head-tail movements. When they wish, they can even communicate in complete secrecy using their versatile head-tails.

Young female Twi'leks are graceful and beautiful, and are highly sought as dancers or slaves, often sold by their own family members for profit.

Twi'leks are native to mountainous Ryloth in the Outer Rim.

Because of Ryloth's synchronous rotation, half of the world is trapped in perpetual darkness, while the other half remains scorched by the sun. The Twi'leks inhabit a thin band of twilight between these two extremes, living in sprawling catacomb cities just below the planet's surface. They have a relatively primitive industrial civilization, and survive on a diet of raw fungi and cow-like rycrits. Because Ryloth is relatively defenseless, the planet has long been the target of off-world slavers.[citation needed]

Twi'leks adhere to a familial clan government organized around a series of head clans with their own city on Ryloth, each consisting of five members who are born into the position. Head clans are responsible for all community decisions, but the position also has a heavy price: When one member of a clan government dies, the remaining four leaders are exiled into Ryloth's uninhabitable Bright Lands, allowing the next generation of clan leaders to assume their rightful place. Religiously, the species worships a single female deity.

Ryloth's harsh environment and turbulent history have forged Twi'leks into tough survivors. Twi'leks are calculating and pragmatic and try their best to avoid getting involved in other beings' conflicts, preferring instead to stay out of the way and wait out conflicts in relative safety where they can watch, plan, and prepare to make a profit from the outcome. Generally nonviolent, they typically use their intelligence and cunning to achieve their goals or resolve conflicts. Noble Twi'leks may seem stoic or even aloof, while less scrupulous members of the species can be considered ruthless and manipulative.

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