Capital Ships

Acclamator I-class Assault Ship (CL 18)
Acclamator II-class Assault Ship (CL 18)
Arquitens-class Light Cruiser (CL 16)
Corellian Corvette (CL 16)
GR-75 Medium Transport (CL 8)
Hammerhead Corvette (CL 16)
Imperial Light Cruiser (CL 16)
Nebulon-B Frigate (CL 16)
Star Destroyers

Black Lightning (CL 8)
Doghouse (CL 8)
Longbow (CL 8)
Red Carpet (CL 8)
Roxy (CL 8)
The Diplomacy
The Naucrates
The Redemption

Space Transports

C-9979 Landing Craft (CL 10)
Corellian YT-2400 Transport (CL 10)
Firespray-31 (CL 9)
Ghtroc 720 Freighter (CL 6)
Gozanti cruiser (CL 8)
Imperial Assault Shuttle
Imperial freighter (CL 9)
J-Type Star Skiff (CL 14)
J-Type Star Skiff (Skilled) (CL 11)
Lambda-class Shuttle (CL 12)
Lambda-class Shuttle (PC)
Dynamic-class Freighter
U-Wing (CL 10)
U-Wing (PC)

Blue-20 (PC)
Gozanti Cruiser 7119 (CL 8)
Shuttle Epsilon (CL 12)
Tec the Dec's YT-1300
The burning-heart-pc
The Ebon Exile
The Mighty Flen (CL 6)
The Scimitar
The Spinner (CL 11)
The Wraith
The Vindicator


ARC-170 Starfighter (CL 11)
A-Wing (CL 9)
A-Wing (PC)
A-Wing (Expert) (CL 10)
A-Wing (Ace) (CL 12)
A-Wing Flight (CL 15)
A-Wing Flight (Advantaged Unit) (CL 16)
A-Wing (Unmodified) (CL 9)
A-Wing (Unmodified) (PC)
A-Wing (Unmodified) Flight (CL 15)
A-Wing (Unmodified) Flight (Advantaged Unit) (CL 16)
B-Wing (CL 10)
B-Wing Flight (CL 16)
B-Wing Flight (Advantaged Unit) (CL 17)
Delta-7 Aethersprite (PC)
Eta-2 Actis Interceptor (PC)
N-1 Starfighter (CL 8)
N-1 Starfighter (PC)
nantex-starfighter (CL 7)
nantex-starfighter-flight (CL 13)
nantex-starfighter-flight-advantaged-unit (CL 14)
SoroSuub Patrol Fighter (CL 5)
Tech 4 PDV
TIE Advanced x1 (CL 9)
TIE Bomber (CL 9)
TIE Bomber (PC)
TIE Bomber Flight (CL 15)
TIE Defender (CL 11)
TIE Defendr (PC)
TIE Defender Flight (CL 17)
TIE Fighter (CL 7)
TIE Fighter (PC)
TIE Fighter Flight (CL 13)
TIE Fighter Flight (Advantaged Unit) (CL 14)
TIE Fogger (PC)
TIE Interceptor (CL 8)
TIE Interceptor (PC)
TIE Interceptor Flight (CL 16)
TIE Striker (CL 8)
TIE Striker Flight (CL 14)
X-Wing (CL 10)
X-Wing (PC)
X-Wing Flight (CL 16)
X-Wing Flight (Advanatged Unit) (CL 17)
Y-Wing (CL 10)
Y-Wing (PC)
Y-Wing Flight (CL 16)
Y-Wing Flight (Advantaged Unit) (CL 17)
Y-Wing Courier (CL 8)
Y-Wing Courier (PC)
Z-95 Headhunter (CL 9)
Z-95 Headhunter (PC)
Z-95 Headhunter Flight (CL 15)
Z-95 Headhunter Flight (Advantaged Unit) (CL 16)

Ace's A-Wing (PC)
Black Hawk (PC)
Guarandash's Delta-7 Aethersprite
Hive Squadron (Advantaged Unit) (CL 14)
Noble Squadron (Advantaged Unit) (CL 17)
Shadow Squadron (CL 17)

Ground Vehicles


Oevvaor Jet Catamaran
Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft


57-D Speeder Bike (CL 1)
57-D Speeder Bike (PC)
614-AvA Speeder Bike (CL 2)
614-AvA Speeder Bike (PC)
74-Z Speeder Bike (CL 4)
74-Z Speeder Bike (PC)
AeroChaser Speeder Bike (CL 1)
AeroChaser Speeder Bike (PC)
Crimson Bolt Swoop Racer (CL 2)
FC-20 Speeder Bike (CL 1)
FC-20 Speeder Bike (PC)
Flare-S Swoop (PC)
Gold Runner Swoop Racer (CL 2)
Hauler (CL 2)
Imperial Troop Transport (CL 5)
Lhosan Industries Swoop Racer (CL 2)
Lhosan Industries Swoop Racer (PC)
Starhawk Speeder Bike (PC)
Swoop Racer (CL 2)
V-19 Civilian Landspeeder (CL 1)
X-34 Landspeeder (CL 1)
X-34 Landspeeder (PC)
Zephyr-G Swoop (PC)

Derro's Speeder Bike
Felix Wildstar's Swoop (PC)
Jael Wildstar's Swoop (PC)


AT-ST (CL 8)
AT-ST Unit (CL 14)

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