Zabrak (Iridonian)

Ability Modifiers None
Size Medium
Speed 6
Heightened Awareness May reroll Perception checks but must keep the new roll.
Superior Defenses +1 to all Defenses.
Automatic Languages Basic, Zabrak.

Iridonians are often called Zabrak, but this is actually a sub-species of the Iridonian race. The Iridonians are humanoids whose most distinctive feature is the array of small horns on top of their heads. Their home planet is Iridonia, though they have established many colonies on planets throughout the galaxy. It is believed that they are among the galaxy's first space-faring people. They have strong willpower and are a stubborn, proud people. By nature, they tend to be independent and fearless, hence have never been a successful venture in the slave trade.

Their crown of horns typically grow in at puberty, and are considered secondary sex characteristics. The pattern in which these horns grow differs between Iridonians sub-species.

Iridonian skin coloration can range from the rare pure white or pure black, to the more common shades of cream, red, peach, tan, and brown in between. Iridonian skin color is a matter of genetic dominance and recessiveness.

Iridonians can be completely bald or fully haired. Again, it is analogous to race/subspecies. Certain horn patterns are linked with certain hair patterns or lack thereof. Hair can be any of the same colors seen in the human species. However, unlike humans, Iridonian males do not have eyebrows and do not grow facial hair. There is also a different pattern of horns for each gender. The horns on the female are more directed to the front of the head, while the most commonly males have them spanned all across the top of their head.


Iridonians eye colors are often similar to the eye colors of humans, with blues and browns being the most common. Yellow, purple, red, green, and orange eyes are seen regularly.

Iridonians also traditionally have facial tattoos, typically composed of a pattern of thin lines, which is considered the most traditional of Zabrak tattoos. In certain cases these tattoos can be quite elaborate (Maul's extensive black tattoo was actually a Nightbrother tattoo, not a traditional Zabrak tattoo), but most Zabrak tend to be conservative with their designs. It is unclear what these designs signify. They may indicate which family the Iridonian belongs to, where they grew up, or they may well be just a matter of personal preference on the part of the Zabrak. Zabrak are also well known for their skill with technology and highly advanced weaponry.

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